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000 nkm 22 uu 4500
008 s New Zealand|||||||||||||||||eng||
245 10|aCaccia-Birch house & buggy|b
710 2 |aEvening Standard|eCreator
655 7|aphotograph|2lctgm
260 |aPalmerston North|bEvening Standard|c1978
520 |aThe Open Day on March 5, 1978 was a joint effort by the Caccia Birch Preservation Society and the local Jaycees, to gauge public opinion on the property’s future. A restored park-phaeton buggy took pride of place on the Open Day. The house was built in 1892 and was, after the turn of the century, the residence of a former New Zealand Governor, Lord Plunket. More recently the building has been used by the Government and until a few years ago was used by Massey University.
300 |aphotograph
500 |aFlogged from . This a minor change to be visible in versions.
650 1 |aCaccia Birch|zPalmerston North|y